The Reviving Mind Team:
Passionate Minds, Collaborative Care

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals and innovators is united by a common goal: empowering individuals to thrive on their well-being journeys.

Rahul Sharma
CEO & Co-Founder

Rahul Sharma, founder and CEO of Reviving Mind, is a dynamic entrepreneur with a proven track record. A three-time founder, including the success of Reviving Mind (YC WC’22) and the acquisition of Joblectics (Techstars ’18), Rahul is dedicated to revolutionizing the health space through collaborative care. His visionary leadership and commitment drive positive transformations in healthcare, emphasizing holistic well-being.

Dr. Naina Limbekar
Medical Advisor

Dr. Naina Limbekar is a neurologist and instructor, with a passion for exploring the intricate links between mind and body. She holds an MD from Marshall University, completed her neurological residency at Tufts Medical Center, and pursued sleep medicine fellowship training at Massachusetts General Hospital & Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Specializing in Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, Parasomnias, and Polysomnographic Testing, Dr. Limbekar is dedicated to advancing Sleep Medicine Education.

Dr. Vishal Adma
Team Member

Dr. Vishal Adma, the President & CEO of Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, leads a team of 75+ psychiatric providers in diverse programs. With over 20 years of experience, his practice excels in evidence-based care, specializing in medication management, therapy, and psychological testing. Dr. Adma, also a Strategic Partner at Reviving Mind, is a skilled leader, focusing on policies, accreditation, and innovative solutions for behavioral health challenges, driven by a passion to empower clients for optimal well-being.

Bradley Gehrig
Chief Growth Officer

Bradley Gehrig, Chief Growth Officer, brings extensive experience growing and scaling earlystage healthcare startups. He’s on a mission to build a better healthcare systemthrough the thoughtful application of technology, holding that the best way toimprove healthcare for patients is to work directly with clinicians to create more efficient and effective care. Having spent nearly a decade on the payer side of healthcare, he firmly believes in the power of Collaborative Care to achieve the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare.

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