Transforming Healthcare Delivery with Collaborative Care Management

Reviving Mind's Collaborative Care Management platform improves patient outcomes and reduces costs. Manage billable CCM, RPM, RTM, CoCM, and BHI sessions with ease.

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Empower Better Patient Outcomes with our Comprehensive Patient Management Suite

Reviving Mind's platform simplifies the entire care process, enabling you to provide more efficient and effective care to your clients. Our integrated revenue cycle management tools make it easy to track and manage billable sessions, ensuring you get paid for the services you provide.

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Mobile app

Client facing app that auto logs billable CCM, RPM, CoCM, and BHI Sessions

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Desktop app

Full suite of client management and enrollment actions

Comprehensive Patient Care

Improve patient outcomes and reduce costs with our complete care solution, featuring CCM, CoCM, RPM, RTM, and BHI.

Chronic Care Management CCM

Ongoing monitoring, coordination, and management of healthcare services for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma

Collaborative Care Management


Collaborative care is a team-based model of integrated psychiatric and primary care that can treat mental illnesses in the primary care setting

Remote Patient Monitoring


RPM involves the use of wearable sensors and other medical devices that collect and transmit health data to healthcare providers, who can then analyze the data and provide feedback and support to patients

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring


RTM monitors health conditions by collecting non-physiological data, managing patients using medical devices to report to the clinical team.

Behavioral Health Integration


BHI is a collaborative approach that aims to improve the overall health and well-being of patients by integrating behavioral health services into primary care.

A few of Reviving Mind Platform's Key Features

Supercharge your medical practice, including patient communication management and streamlined administrative tasks.

1-on-1 and Group Video Call Sessions

All sessions logged in the RM system to help admin keep track of client-provider time

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Session Reminders and Scheduling

We send reminders 24 and 1 hour before scheduled sessions and provide an easy one-click link for clients to access their individual and group sessions.

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RPM Program

Qualified clients are enrolled in RPM program and provided with smart devices to monitor health metrics such as blood pressure and weight.

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Document Management

Clients can stay informed and up-to-date on their health progress, as well as share important information with their healthcare providers.

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Multiplayer Games

Clients can create private or join open game rooms to connect socially with friends or new people. The video call feature in games can help reduce isolation and loneliness.

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Client Management

Efficiently manage your assigned clients with our streamlined interface. Access all necessary client information and communication channels, including chat/SMS and call, in a single view.

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Group Management

View all your groups, communicate with group members via group chat, and easily start group sessions.

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Individual Sessions Management

Reviving Mind's platform offers easy management and tracking of both previous and upcoming sessions with clients. With seamless integration with Google Calendar, managing your schedule has never been easier.

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Session Creation and Cancellations

This feature allows for easy scheduling and cancellation of sessions with clients, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

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Availability and Unavailability Management

Simplify session scheduling and coordination by setting provider availability and unavailability. This feature ensures clients cannot schedule sessions outside of specified hours, and providers can block off days or weeks when they are unavailable for individual sessions.

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Unified, easy-to-use Client Profile View

Unified Client Profile View feature streamlines client care management by providing a single view to manage all aspects of client care including chat/SMS, notes, assessments, outcome measures, care plan, RPM data, and billable services. The pre-filled note templates make it easy to take notes during billable sessions, and providers can monitor patient's RPM device readings directly from the client's profile. Additionally, tracking and analyzing clients' progress over time with outcome measure tests helps identify areas of improvement and adjust treatment plans for better outcomes.

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Client Communication

Track all your billable communications with ease using our platform, which logs all messages, phone calls, and video calls for you.

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Client Management View

Reviving Mind's Client Management View feature allows for effortless management of the whole client base in one view, with easy access to chat/SMS, call, and client profile. The view also allows for tracking of client engagement and enrollment status at a glance, helping providers follow up with clients who have not been contacted recently.

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Client Profile View

The Client Profile View feature offers a comprehensive set of client management actions, including profile editing, note-taking, outcome monitoring, service management, provider and facilitator assignment, group assignment, and assessment and CCM creation. Some of these actions are exclusively available to admin users, enabling them to efficiently manage client care and track progress.

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Provider Notes Management

The Provider Notes Management feature allows for efficient management and viewing of all submitted notes from providers, including tracking unsigned and signed notes. The Head NP admin can send notes back for revisions and can leave comments to coordinate with providers on necessary changes.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Effortlessly manage monthly revenue and track time spent per client for CCM, BHI, and RPM services with our Revenue Cycle Management feature.

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Groups Management

Effortlessly manage and track all active, inactive, and full groups in one view with our Groups Management feature. Set group descriptions, Zoom links, and schedules, and assign group facilitators or providers for streamlined group coordination.

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Provider Management

Effortlessly manage all providers and facilitators in one view. Keep track of their status, groups, scheduled and completed sessions, and availability. Edit their information and biography as needed.

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