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Elevate patient care and financial efficiency through Reviving Mind's Collaborative Care Management (CoCM) and bespoke platform.

Recognize individual needs. Tailor health solutions accordingly.

Reviving Mind enables you to craft tailored health solutions, ensuring that every individual receives the precise care required for their well-being without additional burden on your team.

CoCM (Collaborative Care Management)
CCM (Chronic Care Management)
BHI (Behavioral Health Integration)
RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring)
RTM (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring)
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Enhancing Patient and Provider Well-being through our Integrated Care Solution

It's more than just a model; it's a philosophy that propels us toward a future of integrated, patient-centric, and financially sustainable healthcare.

Holistic Care Experience

Patients benefit from a holistic care experience. CoCM addresses not just the medical aspect but also the behavioral health dimension, resulting in more comprehensive and effective treatment.

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Improved Access

CoCM improves access to a range of healthcare solutions. Our integrated approach ensures that patients can easily access the right care at the right time, promoting timely interventions.

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Meet the patient where they are

CoCM allows providers to tailor interventions to meet each patient where they are. Whether it's CCM + RPM or CoCM and RTM, the Reviving Mind approach Ensures Individualized Care Paths for maximum patient satisfaction.

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Streamlined Coordination

The Integrated Care Solution ensures seamless coordination of care, simplifying the often complex landscape of healthcare delivery. Experience the ease of managing patients with diverse needs efficiently.

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Enhanced Team Communication

Foster enhanced communication within your healthcare team.  The solution encourages collaboration across specialties, leading to well-informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

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Financial Efficiency

With our Integrated Care Solution approach, ensure audit-proof, time-based encounters captured down to the second. Experience optimal revenues and a streamlined operational process, aligning seamlessly with your practice goals.

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Connect, Coordinate, and Care: The Power of Reviving Mind's Integrated Care Solution Platform

Experience tailored support: our bespoke technology partnered with our Integrated Care Solution enhances outcomes, strengthens connections, and streamlines care for an efficient and effective experience.

Client Mobile Web App

Empower your patient's well-being journey. The mobile web app allows them to access personal health data, sessions, group support, games, & more on the go with the Reviving Mind Client App.

The Reviving Mind Client App is your patient's personalized gateway to:
Improved self-management:
Take an active role in your journey to wellness.
Enhanced communication: Stay connected with your care team and peers.
Holistic support: Access a diverse range of resources to support your mental and emotional well-being.
Greater engagement: Make your experience interactive and enjoyable.

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Provider Web App

Reviving Mind empowers care teams. Our intuitive web app simplifies managing clients, groups, and billable services (CCM, RPM, RTM, CoCM, BHI).

Key features:
• Centralized client management:
Track progress, access health data, and schedule sessions with ease.
• Streamlined group support: Facilitate engaging group sessions and communication.
Simplified billing: Manage and submit billable services efficiently.

Focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional patient care.

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Admin Web App

Reviving Mind Admin Web App empowers you to optimize your practice. Our web app provides insightful reporting on providers, allowing you to:

Track billable services: Monitor compliance and revenue generation.
Monitor client progress: Gain insights into overall patient well-being.
Evaluate provider performance: Identify trends and support improvement.
Enhance practice productivity: Make data-driven decisions for optimal outcomes.

Empower your team, elevate your practice, and deliver exceptional care with Reviving Mind.

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Elevate Patient Care, Reduce Costs 30%

Reviving Mind's Integrated Care Solution empowers personalized care, optimizes staffing, and streamlines communication, delivering healthier patients & increased revenue.

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Increase in revenue income


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Increase in Patient retention


Reduction in hospital


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Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals, engineers, and innovators is united by a common goal: empowering individuals to thrive on their well-being journeys. With expertise in collaborative care, technology, and mental health, we're committed to building innovative solutions that make a real difference.

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