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May 30, 2023
The Reviving Mind Team

Elevate your Pediatrics Practice with CoCM

Looking to elevate your pediatric psychiatry or primary care practice? Collaborative Care Management (CoCM) can help you enhance your practice by improving patient outcomes and satisfaction and increasing revenue, all while lessening costs. 

COCM is a team-based care delivery model where pediatricians, pediatric psychiatrists, and care managers collaborate to provide comprehensive care using a central patient registry. Think of it as a cohesive healthcare team, each member contributing their expertise to improve patient engagement and outcomes, with the latest patient updates always in their EHR. 

By integrating CoCM, you can achieve significant improvements in patient outcomes and enhance clinical collaboration. Envision fewer miscommunications, streamlined processes, and more satisfied patients. Moreover, happy patients lead to better engagement and ultimately, increased revenue for your practice.

A 2023 study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry investigated the effectiveness of collaborative care delivered via telehealth for pediatric depression and anxiety. The study found that over half (more than 58%) of adolescent patients enrolled in the program achieved significant reductions in their depression and anxiety scores after 90 days. This suggests that collaborative care with tailored treatment plans can lead to positive outcomes. 

CoCM improves access to care and allows for earlier intervention by reducing wait times for mental health services and effectively screening mental health concerns. A review found that collaborative care reduced wait times by an average of 50% compared to traditional care models. Additionally, a study in Pediatrics found that pediatricians using standardized screening tools identified a significant number of children with depression and anxiety disorders. Early detection is crucial, as studies have shown better outcomes for children who receive intervention for mental health issues sooner.

Collaborative Care Management in pediatric psychiatry isn’t merely a trend – it’s a proven strategy that can transform your practice. Implementing CoCM allows pediatricians and psychiatrists to address mental health issues more effectively, ensuring comprehensive care for young patients. This integrated approach leads to better health outcomes, positioning your practice as a leader in pediatric care.

Ready to implement this change? Start by incorporating CoCM into your practice. Engage with your team, set clear goals, and observe the positive changes. Share your success stories and encourage others to adopt this approach. Together, we can make pediatric psychiatry and primary care more effective and efficient.


The Reviving Mind Team

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