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The Reviving Mind program is led by highly trained and experienced providers and clinicians that are experts in handling support groups and individual health and wellness sessions focused on client success and growth through clinically proven techniques.

You and Your Provider showing your group support and health and wellness paths.Start Today
You and Your Provider showing your group support and health and wellness paths.

Medical Team

Naina Limbekar image

Naina Limbekar

Chief Medical Officer
MD, MPH. Neurology

About Naina

Naina Limbekar, MD, is a neurologist and an instructor of neurology. She completed her undergrad at John Hopkins University and then went to Columbia University for a Masters of Public Health in Health Policy and Management. After that her interest in educating others about connections between the mind and body led her to medical school at Marshall University in West Virginia. Most recently, she completed her neurological residency training at Tufts Medical Center in Boston and completed a sleep medicine fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital & Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Naina's interests include Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, Parasomnias, Polysomnographic Testing, and Sleep Medicine Education.

Naina currently hosts a podcast called 'Sleep On It', Where she shares her knowledge and experiences around various aspects of health and wellbeing in hopes of translating the latest medical research into real life practices.

Janet Masters image

Janet Masters

Director of Clinical Operations
‍MSN, APRN Adult & Geriatric Primary Care Medicine

About Janet

Janet Masters, CNP, is a board certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner utilizing her training and experience in behavior change methodologies and integrative medicine to positively impact the health and wellbeing of her patients. She believes in the power of positivity and recognizes that each and every one of us has innate, intuitive strengths and wisdom; and when discovered, uncovered and/or re-ignited, the possibilities are endless in creating and building a life of optimal health and wellbeing. She received her advanced practice degree from The Ohio State University and utilizes complementary and integrative medicine with the adult population to optimize healthy aging. She is an active first time grandmother and is eager to serve the Reviving Mind community in her Supervisory Nurse Practitioner role.

Medical Advisors

Aman Singh Image

Aman Deep Singh

MD., Psychiatry

About Aman 

Aman Deep Singh, MD, graduated from University of California, Davis in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Biology. He received his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Medical University of Lublin in 2012. After finishing medical school, he received his training in Psychiatry from University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Peoria. During this time, he was able to gain experience in a range of psychiatric settings including adult inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, child and adolescent, psychosomatic and addiction medicine to name a few. Aman pursued his interest further by attending University of California, Los Angeles Addiction Psychiatry fellowship in 2017. He has also participated in communicating with various arms of psychiatry which included hospice care, nursing home health care, psychotherapy, social health care workers, drug addiction programs, and several others.

Aman currently works as an Addiction Psychiatrist who is an advocate of healthy lifestyle choices including regular exercise, good sleep hygiene and practicing mindfulness. He prefers to look at mental health and addiction treatment from a multimodal approach involving patient’s biological illness, psychological factors and social stressors. He believes that this allows him to uniquely evaluate the patients’ needs and develop a treatment plan that suits them best. He also believes in a shared decision model, which allows him to present his patients with possible treatment options and gives them the autonomy to decide what would work best for them.

Professional Affiliations:
American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
American Psychiatric Association
National Alliance of Mental Illness
American Society of Addiction Medicine
California Society of Addiction Medicine


Maggie Schwan



Maggie Schwan, RN, BSN, BC-HWNC, NBC-HWC, FMCHC is a Registered Nurse with dual Board Certifications in Health & Wellness Coaching.  She is also certified in Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Reiki, and Clinical Meditation & Imagery. She also has graduate education in Integrative Health & Healing theories and modalities. She is an experienced Cardiovascular Operating Room nurse, assisting in over 1,000 heart surgeries including heart and kidney transplants. She continues to help people with heart disease(s) by working as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse.

Maggie’s coaching is based on a holistic model of care. This model is based on the belief that the mind, body, and spirit are connected, and our values, health, relationships, environment, purpose, and security are all part of our overall wellness. She will help you to define your wellness goals and work with you to transition those goals into actionable steps while simultaneously remaining open to emerging goals based on new insights, learning, and achievements. She will help you create a plan to achieve your goals using tools such as, but not limited to: Respectful inquiry, mindful listening, presence, exploration, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, strengths-based coaching, drawing, journaling, imagery, stress management, health education, and diet and lifestyle modification.

Maggie is an Air Force Veteran, wife, and mother, and enjoys swimming, cooking, gardening, and being in the great outdoors!

Greer Creehan



Greer Creehan, RN, BSN has been a nurse for 20 years and a Health Coach for over 10. She is also a Certified Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach. Her main focus as a coach has been on promoting health by leading clients to a healthier diet, gentle exercise, stress reduction, a positive mindset, and to getting more restful sleep. It’s the simple shifts in these daily habits and routine that can make the most impact in the long run.  Greer has successfully taught group health promotion classes and provided one on one health and lifestyle coaching. She also has experience and loved working with the aging population during her nursing career and she believes that it’s the smallest of steps taken in the right direction that can greatly improve our health and lead to longevity.  She will encourage you to set realistic, achievable goals that will be sustainable and ultimately become part of a lifelong healthy lifestyle. She knows that because our level of health is on a continuum, that it improves when our daily habits do and if we want to have lasting improvement then we must continue with the changes long-term. Greer has an understanding that what many health conditions impact the most is our energy level. Her approach aims not only to help you improve your health, but to increase your energy as well, so that you can enjoy a more active lifestyle and continue or start doing the things you love to do again. In her spare time, Greer enjoys reading, spending time with family, hiking, swimming, and going to the beach.

Annie Kaplon



Annie Kaplon, RN is a Registered Nurse, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and National Certified Pilates Teacher.  Annie has been a Registered Nurse for over 32 years and has taught Pilates for over 25 years. She completed an Integrative Health Coach Certification at Duke University and is currently completing her master’s degree in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University. Annie is interested in the balance of combining medicine, movement, and mindfulness in her coaching philosophy. She believes in holding space for patients to find what they need in the moment and discover what will benefit them moving forward. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. She can often be found hiking with her chocolate lab and labradoodle, reading a good book, or enjoying outdoor music events.

Laurel Zilch


About Laurel

Laurel Zilch, PA-C, CHES is a Certified Physician Assistant, a Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Certified Health Coach through the Duke Health and Well-Being Coach Training Program. Her experiencing health care prompted her to further her education so that she could help people with their health and well-being on a deeper level. She uses the skills and tools that she learned from her training to help others take small steps towards successfully attaining their own ideal vision of health and well-being. She understands that making positive lifestyle changes begins with small steps and uses a whole person health approach to help others successfully attain their ideal vision of a healthier self. She received her Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Clemson University. She enjoys traveling, reading, spending quality time with friends and family, walking, hiking, and being outdoors in the beauty of nature whenever possible.

Laurie Romero


About Laurie

Laurie Romero, BS, LN, NBC-HWC, Is a licensed nurse and Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She completed her BS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, which included both Behavioral Health and Physical Health Sciences. After finishing her Capstone Counseling internship she completed Integrative Health Coaching Certification at Duke University. Working in the medical field for over 30 years helps to inform Laurie's whole health coaching style this helps clients achieve balance in physical, social, emotional and environmental areas of their life. Her expertise is working with clients who have a chronic illness or need support improving health after an illness or surgery. When not working with client's Laurie likes to cook, enjoys art, and nature walks with her husband and her Siberian Husky.

Jessica McKeown


About jessica

Jessica Mckeown, RN, graduated from American University in 2004 with a B.S in Health Promotion. Jessica is also a nurse. Jessica likes to focus on a person as a whole and through the multiple dimensions of wellness promote quality of life and preventative healthcare. Jessica likes to run, dance, garden, and get out in the sunlight.

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