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Our Therapists and Clinician are all highly trained and experienced in handling group and individual therapy
focused on client success and growth through clinically proven techniques.


Naina Limbekar

MD, MPH. Neurology

About Naina Limbekar

Naina Limbekar, MD, is a neurologist and an instructor of neurology. She completed her undergrad at John Hopkins University and then went to Columbia University for a Masters of Public Health in Health Policy and Management. After that her interest in educating others about connections between the mind and body led her to medical school at Marshall University in West Virginia. Most recently, she completed her neurological residency training at Tufts Medical Center in Boston and completed a sleep medicine fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital & Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Naina's interests include Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, Parasomnias, Polysomnographic Testing, and Sleep Medicine Education.

Naina currently hosts a podcast called 'Sleep On It', Where she shares her knowledge and experiences around various aspects of health and wellbeing in hopes of translating the latest medical research into real life practices.

Aman Deep Singh

MD., Psychiatry

About Aman Deep Singh

Aman Deep Singh, MD, graduated from University of California, Davis in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Biology. He received his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Medical University of Lublin in 2012. After finishing medical school, he received his training in Psychiatry from University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Peoria. During this time, he was able to gain experience in a range of psychiatric settings including adult inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, child and adolescent, psychosomatic and addiction medicine to name a few. Aman pursued his interest further by attending University of California, Los Angeles Addiction Psychiatry fellowship in 2017. He has also participated in communicating with various arms of psychiatry which included hospice care, nursing home health care, psychotherapy, social health care workers, drug addiction programs, and several others.

Aman currently works as an Addiction Psychiatrist who is an advocate of healthy lifestyle choices including regular exercise, good sleep hygiene and practicing mindfulness. He prefers to look at mental health and addiction treatment from a multimodal approach involving patient’s biological illness, psychological factors and social stressors. He believes that this allows him to uniquely evaluate the patients’ needs and develop a treatment plan that suits them best. He also believes in a shared decision model, which allows him to present his patients with possible treatment options and gives them the autonomy to decide what would work best for them.

Professional Affiliations:
American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
American Psychiatric Association
National Alliance of Mental Illness
American Society of Addiction Medicine
California Society of Addiction Medicine


Guy R. Croteau


About Guy R. Croteau

Guy R. Croteau, LICSW, CGP, has 18 years of experience in psychotherapy and specialized training in trauma, EMDR and group therapy. His style is relaxed, non-judgmental and curious. He believes in the therapeutic use of “self” while holding boundaries that protects the client.

Join these groups led by Guy:

Men's Mental Health (Group 1)
Gay Men's Mental Health (Group 1)
Gay Men's Mental Health (Group 2)

Silke Plesch


About Silke Plesch

Silke Plesch, LMCH, M.A., has 13 years of experience in psychotherapy and specialized training in mind-body-oriented and sensory therapy. Her style is warm, welcoming and accepting. One of her core beliefs is that therapy is about co-creating a space where all feelings are welcome.

Join these groups led by Silke:

Women's Mental Health (Group 1)
Women's Mental Health (Group 2)
Women's Mental Health (Group 8)

Carrie Wicks

M.Ed., MA

About Carrie Wicks

Carrie Wicks, M.Ed., MA, is an expressive arts therapy clinician based in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. She received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies from Kent State University. She then moved to Boston where she completed Northeastern University’s graduate program studying College Student Development and Counseling. Carrie’s career in Higher Education began in Residential Education at The University of Vermont (UVM). Her role at UVM included supporting college students through 1:1 counseling, effectively engaging student communities in reparative dialogue circles, responding to campus crises, and facilitating student courses on the role and impact of power and oppression. Her career in Higher Education continued at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). While working at MIT, Carrie earned her Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University. She transitioned to a full-time clinical position in The Massachusetts Department of Corrections, working with individuals and therapeutic groups. At its core, her approach is relational and integrative, combining advocacy and education, with a trauma informed lens. Carrie is a strong believer in the power of narrative; she is passionate about helping others find meaning from their experience and uncovering their resilience. She is motivated by empowering those she works with to get closer to their authenticity and connect to the parts of themselves that ignite compassion, curiosity, and love. Carrie strives to cultivate trust and provide a presence that aids in the dismantling of shame for everyone she serves.

Join this group led by Carrie:

Men's Mental Health (Group 2)

Jasclyn Coney

DDiv, MA Professional Psychology

About Jasclyn Coney

Jasclyn Coney, DDiv, MA Professional Psychology, promotes holistic wellness by contributing knowledge and expertise in the fields of Mental Health and Christian Education in order that others are equipped to maintain healthy and balanced lifestyles. Regardless of previous emotional or psychological or behavioral problems that may have prevented healthy daily functioning before, Jasclyn’s ultimate goal with her clients is to assist them in achieving basic life skills as they maintain a positive functioning attitude and develop independent living skills that will last them a lifetime!

Join this group led by Jasclyn:

Women's Mental Health (Group 7)

Kathy Wisehart


About Kathy Wisehart

Kathy WisehartLPC has worked in the social service field for over 20 years, having worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2012 residing in rural Missouri. In these trying and changing times you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed. As a professional therapist, my role is to guide you as you take steps towards positive life changes, healing, and a healthy mind. Together we’ll work to uncover and better understand life’s challenges and day-to-day stressors that detract from your life and focus. You can begin identifying and practicing things that will make you stronger. Not only do I want to provide support and encouragement for each of my clients, but it’s my goal to offer practical resources that can be put into practice immediately. Everyone can achieve more personal growth and strength, and it’s an honor to work on that together.There may be no magic button or quick-fix solution when it comes to changing things that have been difficult, but we work together to find comfort and resolve in the life challenges you have to face. Starting now, you can begin a brand new journey toward a more positive path for yourself – one that’s filled with growth, well being, acceptance, and empowerment.  I pride myself on being more than just someone to listen, but someone to help you look at things a different way.  I consider all of my clients to be more than just another name or an appointment. Services are meant to be a completely individual experience, and I treat it as such, with deep compassion and absolutely no judgment. Everyone can achieve more personal growth and strength, and it's an honor to work on that together.

Join this group led by Kathy:

Women's Mental Health (Group 5)

Donna Blume


About Donna Blume

Donna Blume has experience in a multitude of settings  in a variety of positions with a broad based population. In addition to her career as a psychotherapist, her experience has included working in the role of a behaviorist, music therapist, executive director of a residential program for individuals with intellectual disability, developing and overseeing a hoarding program, treating clients at a substance abuse agency and providing consultation. Her clinical experience includes working with a broad based population including GLBTQ and individuals with depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, intellectual disabilities, schizophrenia, hoarding and addictions.

Join this group led by Donna:

Veteran's Support Group (Group 1)
Veteran's Support Group (Group 2)
Veteran's Support Group (Group 3)
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