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Women's Group

A 360º Mental Health and Wellness Support Program (Integrated Group Support + Health and Wellness Coaching) for Women who are struggling with mental health challenges such as stress, depression and anxiety. Learn the keys to empowering yourself along with fellow women to develop healthy coping skills, and building your confidence.

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Women's Group
Private, secure, professionally-led.
A safe place where women can share their experiences and struggles relating to their depression, anxiety, stress and relationships. The purpose is to gain better insight into one’s self and relationships. Explore thoughts, feelings and experiences that may be preventing you from functioning at your highest level.

Health and Wellness Coaching
Personalized Lifestyle Medicine program
Your lifestyle can significantly influence your mental health. Your provider prepares a comprehensive and personalized lifestyle medicine program that works right into your lifestyle. Learn More

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CHWC, CLC, Energy Healing Practitioner

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We understand, we care.

The path to mental health and wellness isn't always a straight line. Many factors including your lifestyle affect your mental health. Reviving Mind's innovative continuum of care model is committed to providing you comprehensive care through our multi-disciplinary 360º Mental Health and Wellness program.

Your provider ensures that you get the intensive mental health care you need—from helping you identify and process your stress and anxiety in group support to eliminating other causes of lifestyle distress through individual 1-on-1 Health and Wellness Coaching (topics: Relationships-Food-Activity-Sleep-Mindfulness-Tobacco/Alcohol Cessation). Your provider is both your Group Facilitator and Personal Coach to guide you through every step of the way of your mental health and wellness journey.

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Get a 1-on-1 consultation with your provider who will help ensure you're matched to the right support group.

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Start Group Support and feel the power of a structured support group facilitated by your provider. By observing someone successfully coping with a problem, other members of the group will see that there is hope for recovery.

Health and Wellness Coaching learn more

Continue weekly support group sessions and Bi-Weekly personalized coaching with your provider. Get a personalized Relationships- Food-Activity-Sleep-Mindfulness-Tobacco and Alcohol Cessation program.


360° Mental Health and Wellness
Support for Women

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2 Individual Coaching Sessions

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Women's Group

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