Frequently Asked Questions
What does Support Group offer?

A support group is a group of people that meet regularly to support one another through a tough time or issue. Usually, support groups can be facilitated by anyone but Reviving Mind's support groups are facilitated by qualified providers that are all experienced and trained to help you heal from anxiety, stress, or depression. RM support groups are structured and curated- its goals include discussing deep rooted concerns through psychodynamic techniques and improving your interpersonal and relationship skills.

How do I sign up for a program?

Click on the 'Start today' button on the top navigation bar and sign up so you can book a free 1 on 1 matching interview with one of our client advocates so we can match you to right provider, group and program.

What services do you offer?

Reviving Mind offers private, affordable, and professionally-run 360° Mental Health and Wellness Support, an integrated Group Support + Individual Lifestyle Medicine program. Want to learn more about our 360° Mental Health and Wellness Support Program?
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Where are the support group and individual coaching sessions held?

All Reviving Mind support group and individual coaching sessions are facilitated and held by your provider online in our safe, HIPAA compliant, and private web app, accessible on your mobile phone or desktop.

Is there a fee to join a program?

Reviving Mind’s 360° Mental Health and Wellness Support program is at $99.80 per month. The program is inclusive of 4 support group sessions, 2 30-minute Individual Health and Wellness Coaching sessions, a personalized health and wellness program and access to educational webinars and workshops to manage your anxiety, stress, and depression.

Who leads the Support Groups?

Reviving Mind’s private support groups are led by a qualified and experienced provider.

What are your available payment methods?

We accept credit card payments through nationally recognized and secure payment processor Stripe.

How will I know if a program is a good fit for me?

To find out if a program is fit for you, you can schedule a FREE, 1-on-1 consultation with one of our providers. Your information and identity are private and is only shared with your provider.

What topics are discussed in the groups?

Reviving Mind’s support groups are generally focused on Depression, Stress, and Anxiety. Groups do get into more narrowed topics like trauma, addiction, etc., at the discretion of group members.

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