Healthier and happier employees are more productive employees.

Chronic conditions like depression and anxiety may not seem like things that an employer should concern themselves with, but the reality is that mental health can have a critical impact on a company’s bottom line.

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The hidden costs of chronic conditions. 

Almost half of Americans have more than one chronic health condition — including your employees. From stress and anxiety to depression to diabetes to ADHD (the list goes on), Reviving Mind is the only solution designed to treat a wide range of conditions that impact worker productivity, hidden costs, and quality of life. 

The Total Package: Social Support Groups + Individual Lifestyle Coaching

Reviving Mind’s 360° Mental Wellness Program uses scientifically-proven methods to address biological, social, and psychological factors that impact mental health.

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Lifestyle Medicine

From hypertension to stress and anxiety, our science-based program combines the application of environmental, behavioral, and psychological principles to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Results-driven and clinically-proven.

-Develop stronger community and collegiality in a remote work environment
-Develop interpersonal and communication skills
-Increase trust between employees and employer

Complete 360º care in one platform

Individual coaching provides guidance, motivation and accountability to help employee’s make positive lifestyle changes (and save on healthcare costs for employees)

Improve brain-gut connection, prevent diet-related chronic diseases
Physical Activity
Prevent and manage chronic illnesses caused by lack of physical activity
Improved sleep hygiene and energy levels
Coaching in creating healthy relationships
Stress Management
Stress relief techniques
Group Support
Improve overall mental health, loneliness, stress, anxiety, and more
Time Management
Effective techniques in managing time and work-life balance
Mindfulness Techniques 
Meditation, relaxation and emotion control techniques
Coping Skills
Useful techniques for dealing with ADHD/anxiety/etc. 
Alcohol/Tobacco Cessation
Decreased dependency to

The group has helped me greatly with my stress and anxiety. The members of the group helped me through the tough times and the provider could not be better. I am grateful for Reviving Mind.

- Kim

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